Our Products

Our Products

HMP (Al Hashimia Modern Paints) is the perfect material to meet our client’s decoration needs, it’s easy to use, simply covers any wall or ceiling considering all the preferences with various styles and numerous colors, even if the client desired to change the style, the used HMP would be removed in no time, to add the new layer the client needs without adding extra thickness to the wall, here replacement occurs as it should be.

the Best

HMP contributes the best environment that isolates sound, absorbs humidity and prevents heat transfer, it exiles dust due to the presence of stable electrons on its surface, neither affected by fumes nor smokes.

Easy to prepare

HMP offers an effortless setting through adding clean water to the product, followed by manual mixing, will result in the required final paint alternative.

Our Sales

A large number of sales outlets have put a contract with us to distribute this product among their branches.

Our Clients

we also export HMP to African countries for example, but are not limited to, Chad, Niger, Ghana, and Nigeria, and we’re looking forward to delivering this product to all countries in the Middle east and the world.

Our Specialization

Our specialized firm was established to provide the market with paint alternatives overcoming the issues that other paints could be exposed to, producing such alternatives will construct a new route in this niche, creating more advanced products that care about the client’s aesthetic sensation, health and safety.

Heat & Cold Insulator​

HMP Paints are Heat & Cold Insulator​ , 40% heat insulated & 60% moisture wicking.​


HMP paints are characterized as soundproofing , so you will feel relax and happy.

Dust Repellent​

HMP Paints are Dust Repellent so it will keep your walls and home clean


HMP Paints are Easy to Use & Easy to maintain so you can prepare it and maintain it easy


HMP Paints Does not contain harmful substances , so you will feel save and healthy.

Hide The Imperfections Of Walls​

HMP Paints can Hide ALL The Imperfections Of Walls​ , so you don't need to maintain your walls before use it.

We Provide The Best Paints Solutions

Paints materials for walls and ceilings made of natural and environmentally friendly materials .

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